CTE New Teacher Foundational Learning

To fulfill the goal of providing ongoing mentoring activities and support for beginning CTE teachers, the Texas Education Agency has begun the CTE New Teacher Mentor Program. As part of this initiative, TEA produced a series of Foundational Learning Sessions to explore topics that are relevant to new CTE teachers, such as lesson planning, knowledge of students, classroom management, differentiation, and building community and business relationships.

In addition, three Foundational Learning Sessions were developed for CTE administrators. These sessions provide context and guidance for administrators to support beginning CTE teachers, establish a supportive CTE environment, and build business and industry partnerships.

The links to access the teacher and administrator sessions can be found below.

Beginning Teacher Sessions

CTE Mentor Program Introduction

Foundational Learning Session 1: Unpacking Standards

Foundational Learning Session 2: Student Learning Objectives

Foundational Learning Session 3: Activities

Foundational Learning Session 4: Knowledge of Students

Foundational Learning Session 5: Classroom Management

Foundational Learning Session 6: Differentiation

Foundational Learning Session 7: End-of-Year Reflection

Foundational Learning Session 8: Building Community & Business Relationships


Administrator Sessions

Administrator Foundational Learning Session 1: Why Do We Need to Support Beginning Teachers?

Administrator Foundational Learning Session 2: The Benefits of a Supportive CTE Environment

Administrator Foundational Learning Session 3: Building Business & Community Relationships


New CTE teachers (0-3 years of experience), please contact Caryn Cavanagh at carync@resourcesforlearning.net for information on how you may participate in the project.