Academy Objectives

The purpose of the Career and Technical Education Leadership Academy is to provide sustainable, intensive professional development opportunities that meet the needs of new Career and Technical Education (CTE) administrators, directors, and facilitators.

The objectives of the CTE Leadership Academy are to:

  1. Develop participants’ capabilities to lead CTE programs;
  2. Promote the effective implementation of quality CTE programs that promote student success in academics and career and technical education, increase graduation rates and reduce drop out rates;
  3. Reinforce understanding of classroom CTE administrative policies and procedures, including legal responsibilities and ethical standards;
  4. Increase understanding of the organizational structure for CTE based on the 16 career clusters
  5. Increase understanding of Foundation High School Program and the five graduation plan endorsements;
  6. Provide resources for implementing effective career preparation learning opportunities;
  7. Promote effective business and industry partnerships and effective practices to improve parental and community involvement;
  8. Identify and support practices to recruit and retain quality CTE instructors; and,
  9. Identify and promote outstanding educational programs and effective practices in CTE, particularly those that integrate coherent and rigorous academic content for reading/writing, mathematics, science and social studies into CTE curricula so students master academic skills while developing technical skills in high skill, high wage or high demand occupations.