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  • CTE Quick Tips June 2018

    Thinking ahead. . . 

    • Start planning next year’s course schedule
    • Finalize budget
    • Set goals for next year and work on an implementation plan

    Things to do now. . . 

    • Prepare final CTE program report for Superintendent/School Board
    • Review and compare 6th six weeks Principals and Superintendents FTE report to in-house report
    • Review CTE student performance on State Assessment exams
    • Recruit and hire new teachers as appropriate
    • File any final amendments for 2017-18 Perkins Grant by 6/15/18
    • Begin working on 2018-19 Perkins application in the eGrants system (due 8/31/18).
    • Continue working on the PER
    • Have a nice summer break!



  • CTE Quick Tips May 2018

    Thinking ahead. . . 

    Things to do now. . . 

    • Secure number of students who have obtained each type of certification/licensure (PER).
    • Complete program evaluations.
    • Review final FTE report for estimated funding.
    • Collect and review information needed for Summer PEIMS submission.
    • 2018-2019 Applicant Designation and Certification (ADC) form for the Title I, Part C Carl D. Perkins formula grant opens in eGrants on May 7, 2018. This form MUST be submitted as it designates the person authorized to submit the grant.
    • Title I, Part C Carl D. Perkins formula grant opens in eGrants on May 14, 2018.

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